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Don’t Run Junk Miles

  Don’t Run Junk Miles ‘Junk Miles’ is a slang term used within the running industry referring to running the same distance, with the same intensity and effort, day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong, running is running, and any running is better than not running at all. To get the most out […]

Water Heater Info

Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition for Runners Nutrition for runners is not just for elite athletes. Runners of any skill level will benefit significantly by understanding that your dietary intake will have a major impact on performance, endurance and recovery. Of course, everyone has unique nutritional needs, and every sport or activity will require different nutritional criteria. A 100-yard-dash […]

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Water Heater Replacement Plumbing Codes

electric water heater installation

We here at Water Heaters Only, Inc. always make sure we tell our customers that we do all of our jobs “up to code”, but we realize many people don’t always know what that means. The code we are referring to is the California Plumbing Code. If you have ever had to do any major […]