How Much Will It Cost?

It’s one of the first questions many customers ask, Pricing for water heater installations vary depending on what size and type of unit you need.  Any plumbing upgrades or code requirement work needed to properly install your new unit can also be a factor.  These days many cities require a permit for the installation of a water heater and require us to follow their specific guidelines to properly install the unit.

“Some of the big box stores offer what appears to be a low price but they sub-contract their work out to someone else who will come out with additional costs.”

Whatever your particular situation is Water Heaters Only, Inc “Guarantees the lowest price” and we’ll beat any competitors on-site written estimate to install the water heater to the current plumbing code.  Please don’t be misled by what may sound like a low quote over the phone or even online, only to be caught by surprise with a much higher price when the plumber arrives to do the work.

Read our customer reviews and see for yourself what our customers say about our service and pricing.  Get a few bids and choose for yourself – Water Heaters Only Inc’s prices are the best!

We use quality products, installed correctly the first time with a guarantee, and offer 24/7/365 technical support should you have any questions about your water heater. Please call 1-866-946-7842 to speak with a water heater expert or to schedule an appointment today.

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