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Water Heater Customer Letter

Why A Letter Is Worth More Than It Used To Be.

Water Heater Installation Customer Testimonial

At Water Heaters Only, Inc we receive at lot of feedback from our customers. Since we have been in business for over 45 years, we have amassed hundreds of thank you customer testimonial letters, phones calls, emails and more recently online reviews and video testimonials.

With the popularity of the internet, we are receiving many online reviews and videos each month, but we have seen the number of letters sent in by mail, reduced dramatically. So when we receive a letter or a card in the mail, it really makes a statement.

We recently received a letter of praise for our technician Wes P. from a very satisfied customer and were so thrilled. In the age of everything being quick and fast on the internet it was refreshing to receive a letter of praise in the mail from our newest customer.

“Dear Sir,

This is a letter of thanks to say…………………WOW! I have never or not since I can remember had the pleasure of being serviced by a company like yours. I called your company on a recommendation.

My hot water heater gave out and I was sure I would be buying a new one. I needed it that day and expected to have been aggravated to no end and then have to pay dearly.

Over the phone I spoke with Christina who was very knowledgeable, that was my first shock, I was given a price that was easily $300 to $400 or more less than I would have had to pay locally. Shock number two, it was mentioned that I might only need a repair and that I would receive a call shortly from the service man in the area who would have the water heater with him on his truck. Shock number three, I received a call within 15 minutes…………….WOW! Shock number four, not only did I get the call as promised the man was at my house in under and hours and charged me less that 1/5 of what I was ready to have to pay……………..WOW unbelievable.

What a breath of fresh air my whole experience with water heater only was, WOW I am still in shock.

I don’t know how to thank you any other way. You have exceeded my expectations this day in every way. Rest assured when I need a water heater or service you will hear from me. I will also praise and highly recommend you.


Sincerely David M. “

This level of customer service is one of the reasons Water Heaters Only, Inc has been in business for over 45 years and attests to the commitment we have to our employees and our customers. In the service industry companies operate many different ways. When we think about our customer service policies and practices, we try to think how we feel when we hire someone to come into our home and work. What are the things that stand out and instill confidence in the companies that we use, our employees, managers and owner come together to talk about what makes a company good and what are the little things that really make a company excellent. Like calling when we are on the way to give our customers a little notice before we arrive or having a water heater expert answer our phones 24 hours a day, so they can provide actual help and knowledge to our potential customers – not just having an answering service take a message. Then we take these practices and make them part of our everyday business practices. By coming together and sharing our experiences and really paying attention to the feedback from our customers we are able to continuously improve the service our company provides.

It is wonderful to receive feedback acknowledges some of these specific traits we work so hard to portray.

Our hallway in our office is lined with framed letters we had received over the years and while we don’t received as many customer testimonials letters in the mail as we used too we love the online feedback we receive just as much. Of course we love our online feedback and our customer testimonial videos, but we still treasure the letters we receive via the mail.

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