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Water Heaters Only San Jose – In The Community

Water Heaters Only San Jose at the San Jose Fall & Garden Home Show

Home shows are a great venue for us to interact with the local community. Recently, Water Heaters Only, Inc hosted an exhibit at the San Jose Fall Home and Garden Show Nov 2, 3 & 4th at the San Jose Convention Center. It was an opportunity to showcase new water heater products and technology to the local community. Both our water heater displays received a lot of attention.Read More

With all the design changes to water heaters and new energy efficient technology being able to educate homeowners on what products save the most energy or provide more hot water was a great way for us to interact. Over the three day period hundred of attendees stopped by to ask questions or find out more information about what is available in today’s market.

Our tankless water heater display was very popular. Tankless water heaters have been gaining in popularity for the past decade and Water Heaters Only, Inc has been installing tankless water heater for at least that long. While a tankless water heater might not be right for every home or budget, they are great at saving space, providing endless hot water and saving slightly on energy costs. This display showcases an external vent Rinnai tankless water heater installed on an outside wall. The homeowners we spoke with told us being able to see the unit with the plumbing attached help them understand how a tankless may work best for their home.

Here our staff is explaining how the new Performance Plus Package by Bradford White works when installed on a new residential tank Bradford White water heater. The Performance Plus Package offers a water and gas shut off valve and timer control module that works in conjunction with the smart Icon gas control valve on the new Bradford White water heaters. These accessories give options for making a water heater safer and more energy efficient.

For example you can place a water sensor in the pan with your water heater and when the sensor detects water it will automatically shut off the gas and the water to the water heater, limiting the amount of damage that can occur to the home. The timer option allows a owner to determine when the water heater will heat up. For instance if you spend long hours away from your house and only use hot water during the mornings and evenings. You can set a timer to heat the tank at those times. This can help save energy and money on gas bills. The best option is the flexibility the new Performance Plus Package offers, you do not need to use the timer, but it is available if you choose.

Water Heaters Only, Inc appreciates all the visitors to our booth and thanks everyone for stopping by. It was 3 full days of intelligent conversations, giveaways and community interaction at the 2012 San Jose Fall and Garden show. If you have any questions about water heating products or options available call 24 hours a day 1-866-946-7842, we look forward to hearing from you.

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