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Hot Water Recirculation Pump Installation and Service 

  • Tired of waiting for hot water to arrive at your shower or faucet?
  • Do you want hot water faster?
  • Are you looking for a way to save wasted water?

A hot water recirculation pump might be the answer. They can save both time and water. Ask us how, call now (866) 946-7842.

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Get Hot Water Faster – While Eliminating Wasted Water

Water can easily be wasted as we are waiting for hot water to arrive at the fixtures in our home. Often we tend to waste a good amount of cold water in our homes while waiting. This is even more true for faucets at the end of the plumbing lines in a home. Typically a home can waste approximately 30 gallons of water or more per day just waiting for hot water to arrive. This equates to the potential of almost 10,000+ gallons every year.

Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient

Hot water recirculation pump systems offer a new way to save water. If you tend to wait a few minutes for hot water to arrive in your shower or sink, a hot water recirculation system can provide a constant flow of hot water to your home’s hot water appliances. It returns the cold water back into the water heater, so it is not lost down the drain.

With the water-saving choice of a small and virtually silent hot water recirculation (HWR) pump attached conveniently to the water lines under your faucet cabinets, it will provide rapid hot water and offer financial as well as energy savings.

Do You Need Hot Water Quicker?

A recirculating pump system can be a cost-effective option for hot water delivery to the sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs and washing machine in your home or office. The comfort, convenience and energy savings make a new hot water recirculation pump system a popular choice for homeowners today.

Tremendous Water Saving Power In A Small Pump

An hot water recirculation pump for a bathroom faucet
Hot water recirculation pump for bathroom faucet

Recirculation Pump Quick Facts

  • Multiple Installation Possibilities
  • Suited To Your Home & Hot Water Needs
  • Possible Timer Applications
  • Can Save Up To 10,000 Gallons Of Water A Year
  • Low Electric Use
  • Hot Water At Faucet When You Want It

How Does A Hot Water Recirculation System Work In My Home?

The water recirculation pump is installed by attaching it to the hot and cold-water lines on any kitchen, bath or water-utilizing appliance fixture, and any cold water you would previously have allowed to go down the drain while waiting for hot water, is now recirculated or ‘pump-returned’ to your water heater through the cold-water supply line. The pump system is designed to provide hot water circulation and quick hot water to the faucet, so when it reaches the tap, the system simply shuts off the pump in order to prevent extra hot water from going into the cold-water line. Recirculation pump systems also offer a timer which allows the homeowner to set the hot water availability for peak usage times.

No matter the distance from the hot water heater to your sink, shower or washing machine, a circulation system provides faster hot water without the water waste of running cold water down the drain. In new construction homes with a gas water heater or electric water heater, a dedicated water return line can be installed, however there is no need to install any new water lines on your existing home system and recirculation pump installation does not require that you drain the system.

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