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Vampire Water Heaters

Vampire Water Heaters, The Worst Kind of Water Heater… Be careful this Halloween season because you might have a scary old beast lurking in your household and not even be aware of it. Read closely and be on the lookout for these signs: Is your energy bill slowly creepy higher? Do you hear loud scary […]

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Water Conservation

Water Conservation Summer is approaching and California could be expecting yet another dry summer. With this past winter being one of the driest we have had in some time, we should definitely take a look at some ways we can conserve water. In today’s world we turn on a faucet and water comes out; and […]

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2021 Annual Water Heater Flush

2021 Annual Water Heater Flush Talk To A Pro Now About Flushing Your Water Heater! 1-866-946-7842 This is your annual reminder that it’s time to flush your water heater! Doing this simple maintenance can help prolong the life of your tank. For your convenience, we’ve included our easy do-it-yourself instructions for flushing your tank. If […]

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Don’t Run Junk Miles

  Don’t Run Junk Miles ‘Junk Miles’ is a slang term used within the running industry referring to running the same distance, with the same intensity and effort, day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong, running is running, and any running is better than not running at all. To get the most out […]

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Nutrition for Runners

Nutrition for Runners Nutrition for runners is not just for elite athletes. Runners of any skill level will benefit significantly by understanding that your dietary intake will have a major impact on performance, endurance and recovery. Of course, everyone has unique nutritional needs, and every sport or activity will require different nutritional criteria. A 100-yard-dash […]

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Water Heater Replacement Plumbing Codes

We here at Water Heaters Only, Inc. always make sure we tell our customers that we do all of our jobs “up to code”, but we realize many people don’t always know what that means. The code we are referring to is the California Plumbing Code. If you have ever had to do any major […]

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California Water Heaters And Earthquakes

Is Your California Water Heater Safe from Earthquakes Earthquake strapping a water heater is critical in California, where earthquakes are a regular occurrence. From Los Angeles and San Diego, to San Francisco and Sacramento, earthquake damage in homes and businesses can happen without warning, and most of  us don’t think about our water heater’s safety […]

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2015 Water Heater Energy Efficiency Changes

2015 Water Heater Energy Efficiency Changes DOE 2015 Water Heater Energy Efficiency Changes Guidelines It’s almost April 16th and that means the new Department of Energy 2015 water heater energy efficiency changes will be going into effect soon. These new guidelines were instituted as a way to reduce emissions and reduce energy usage, but they are having […]