40 Gallon Gas Water Heaters

How many different types of 40 gallon gas water heaters are there?

There are many different models of 40 gallon gas units available on the market. However, most of these units are made by 1 of 5 companies (see our table below) and all of them have a basic design that is similar with certain upgrades for different brands or models.

Gas water heaters range in sizing from 30 to 100 gallons. There are many different brands and models of the 40 gallon gas water heaters, in most cases they are all very similar. However, there are certain styles or types of construction that make a difference in a 40 gallon tank. All gas water heaters release carbon monoxide when they burn gas to heat water. Because of this, all gas water heaters have a vent system that allows the carbon monoxide to exit the home. Depending on how your water heater is vented, either draft induced or power vented, will determine the model you choose for replacement.

Power vented water heaters require special venting and electrical power. This allows the heater to “push” or power vent the carbon monoxide to the outside of the building. Power vented water heaters are slightly more efficient than draft induced models, but are more expensive than traditional draft induced types. If you have a power vent unit now, it is important for safety reasons to replace it with a power vented model.

Most water heaters are categorized by gallon capacity – how many gallons the internal tank will hold. On estimate, two to four people might use 80 to 85 gallons per day. That is enough water for roughly three showers, one laundry load, one dishwasher load, and using the faucet many times that day. Based on the recovery rating of the water heater, a 40 gallon water heater is suitable for a 2 or 2.5 bathroom home. When comparing products, the first-hour rating (FHR) for storage-tank water heaters is a good number to tell how much how water that particular product can produce quickly.

When researching different models or brands, the Energy Factor is a good thing to know. It is commonly referred to as the EF rating and it determines how efficient the water heater is. The EF number is found on all newer water heaters and the higher the number the more efficient the water heater is. The energy efficiency relates to how efficiently it heats water and to the heat loss during standby. This is an important factor because the cost of operating a water heater is directly related to its energy efficiency.

There are currently two different fundamental designs of water heaters, Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx. The difference between these two designs is based on the amount of pollution the water heater allows into the air. Many areas have started to require Ultra Low NOx gas water heaters because they release much less pollution but they are more expensive. These water heaters are designed with a different burner system to burn gas more efficiently and reduce the amount of carbon monoxide released into the air. There are specs for both Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx gas water heaters below. If you want to know which type of unit is required where you live, give us a call at 1-866-946-7842 and our expert will be happy to let you know what is required in your area.

Browse the information below and if you have additional questions about gas water heater features call 1-866-946-7842 for more detailed information. You can also schedule an appointment for an estimate or installation. We look forward to helping you solve your hot water needs at an affordable price.

40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Models

 Type   Brand Brand Brand  Brand Brand
Residential Standard
Power Vent
No Models
Ultra Low NOx
(Required in California)
Ultra Low NOx