What About Tankless Water Heaters?


What about tankless

Tankless water heater technology has been around for over a century. In the US recent years tankless water heaters have become popular again. Tankless water heaters work in a different way than conventional storage tanks. In a tankless water heater, water passes through a small chamber or box and is heated by a large gas burner or what is known as a heat exchanger as the water passes through the box. This requires that more gas or electricity is used at the time the water is being heated, but tankless water heaters do not use any gas or electricity when your hot water is not in use.

Depending on your water usage, the type of tankless water heater you purchase and whether or not  a tankless water heater can easily be installed in your home, going tankless is often a good choice. However they do cost more upfront than a conventional storage type water heater and savings are earned over the lifetime of the unit. Tankless water heaters will save money in the long run and take up much less space than a storage type water heater. If you are looking to free up space a tankless water heater might be the right choice.  

Water Heaters Only, Inc has installed most brands of Tankless water heaters over the years, we offer an in home consultation to help you choose if a tankless water heater is right for you. We urge our customers to research and make an informed decision before buying a tankless water heater. Call 1-866-946-7842 to speak with one of our tankless specialist for additional information or set up a time for an estimate to see if a tankless water heater is the best choice for you.

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