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80 Gallon Electric Water Heater Phoenix

80 Gallon Electric Water Heater Phoenix

Recent Installation of a 80 gallon electric water heater Phoenix, AZ

We recently scheduled an appointment for a 80 gallon electric water heater Phoenix, AZ diagnosis. The homeowner was hoping that it would be a simple repair. We were happy to attempt to fix the water heater and save the homeowner some money.

However after accessing the situation it was clear that the 80 gallon electric water heater Phoenix AZ, was rusted through the tank and there was no way to repair the water heater.Read More

After checking out the plumbing and seeing what needed to be done to make sure the new unit was installed to code we presented the homeowner with our bid. He was of course frustrated that the unit could not be fixed, but understood and agreed that our installation price was very reasonable. The only problem was, he was going out of town the next day and didn’t have time to wait. Well, that is no problem for Water Heaters Only, Inc, we’re usually able to complete installations the same day. Even when they are larger tanks in awkward places. The water heater was located in a downstairs basement, accessible from the outside via a flight of painted concrete stairs.

Our technician got right to work figuring out the best way to get the old 80 gallon electric water heater Phoenix AZ filled with sediment up the stairs without causing any damage to the home. After 45 years in business we take pride in our work and always do our best to limit the possibility of damage to the home from a broken water heater. For this job it looked like protecting the stairs with thick cardboard and pulling the water heater up on it’s side would be the best option. Our technician was crafty and made a handle at the top of the water heater so he could gently glide the water heater up and out of the basement without damaging the walls or the stairs.


Once the water heater had been removed it was time to clean and prep the area for installation of the 80 gallon electric water heater Phoenix, AZ. We cleaned up the platform, installed a pan with a drain pipe, re-piped the hot and cold water lines and the safety overflow pipe. Once the water lines were replaced our technician re-connected to the circulation system and wired the electrical line to the tank. After the water heater was in-place and installed it took about 45 minutes for the water heater to heat.

Needless to say our technician left the area cleaner that when he arrived and we had a very happy customer. Even though replacing a water heater is not the most enjoyable event, at Water Heaters Only, Inc we work with our customers schedules, provide excellent service and try to make the situation the best experience one can have when replacing a water heater.

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