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Santa Clara CAA 2015 Expo

Santa Clara CAA 2015 Expo

Our Booth at the Santa Clara CAA 2015 Expo

Also know as the California Apartment Association Tri-Counites 2015 Expo – Santa Clara Convention Center

One of the many bonuses about working here at Water Heaters Only, Inc is that we occasionally get to get out and interact with current and potential clients. Sometimes it’s when we attend a lunch hosted by one of the many groups with are members of, such as NARPM, sometimes it’s when we go out on one of our many “cookie drives” (that’s where we literally drop off cookies as a way to say “Thanks!” to those who have used us before and to those who may call on us in the future) and sometimes it’s when we get to attend functions like the many California Apartment Association Expos that take place throughout the year.  Read More

Last week was one of those fun times as we were happy to be part of the Santa Clara CAA 2015 Expo. It was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Wednesday, April 8th. Events like this are a great way to talk about our business and also have some fun as well. Here is a picture of our booth from the event:

It’s also fun to meet the hundreds of other vendors that are there and to interact with these companies that also cater to property owners and managers. As you walk around, there are plenty of great booths to see and lots of these companies really go out of their way to dress up their areas.

Of course, one of the many bonuses for the attendees is the fact that many companies give away a raffle prize. All you usually have to do is put in a business card and a name will be drawn in the afternoon. We always give one away and it always includes a bottle of the World Famous Cirino’s Bloody Mary mix. This basket also included some great San Francisco 49er items as well. This made sense as we were in the Bay Area and right across the street from Levi Stadium, the new home of the 49ers.

Our winner this year was Vanessa M with Essex Property Trust. However, Vanessa was not able to pick it up herself, so her colleague Ann Marie was happy to help!

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting out there and having some fun with your co-workers and clients, your brand out there and hopefully attracting some new clients. However, it sure doesn’t hurt if you can have a little fun in the meantime and having fun while you work is definitely part of the Water Heaters Only, Inc’s way of doing things.

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