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Water Heater Codes in Murrieta, CA

Water Heater Codes In Murrieta, CA.

A home’s plumbing system is not complete without a water heater, which provides hot water for many uses like bathing, cleaning, and cooking. To maintain the safety and effectiveness of your water heater in Murrieta, California, the installation of water heaters must adhere to the applicable construction norms and standards established by local and state organizations. On this page we’ll talk about the significance of plumbing codes, and heat pump water heaters in Murrieta, California.

The California Plumbing Code (CPC) establishes the requirements for the installation, use, and upkeep of water heaters not only in Murrieta but throughout the entire State of California. The City of Murrieta also establishes rules for the seismic strapping, temperature and pressure relief valves, combustion air, venting, insulation and gas piping systems on all water heater installations. The City of Murrieta cannot remove anything from the C.P.C. however they can add things to make the water heater installations even more safe and streamlined.

It is always good to do extensive research on the local plumbing codes, because as you go from city to city, the plumbing code requirements may change. 

Example of codes from the 2022 California Plumbing Code manual

 504.1 Location

Water heater installations in bedrooms and bathrooms shall comply with the following. 

  1. “Water heaters shall be of the direct vent type”

IV. COMBUSTION AIR Combustion air shall be provided for fuel-burning water heaters with indoor or outdoor combustion air as follows:

 A. Water heaters in enclosures shall be provided with properly sized combustion air openings located within the upper and lower 12 inches of the enclosure. 

B. Garages that serve as enclosures shall be provided with openings to the exterior. 

Heat Pump Water Heaters In Murrieta, CA.

It is even more so imperative that the heat pump water heaters stick to this code because they are more complex and energy efficient than the standard tank water heater. These new water heaters employ heat pump technology by transferring heat from the ambient air using coils and refrigerant working in the opposite manner of a refrigerator. Meaning that the heat is absorbed into the refrigerant filled coils that wrap around the tank of the water heater where the water is stored.

Heat pump water heaters require less energy to heat the water than conventional storage water heaters, making them the most green option available, but in order for them to operate properly they must be installed according to code.

In summary, all water heater installations in Murrieta, California, must adhere to all building laws and regulations established by regional and statewide organizations and agencies that are applicable, including the California Plumbing Code, and local City Codes. 

Even the newest and most energy efficient heat pump water heaters must be installed in accordance with these policies. It is highly advised that you contact a licensed and insured water heater installation company to come to your home for any and all work on your water heater. 

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