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Spring is here and that means it’s time for Spring Cleaning! It may not be fun but it feels good when it’s done and it is necessary after a long winter in and especially with all the time most people have spent inside recently. Of course, everyone knows how to deep clean their homes but not everyone thinks of cleaning the outside. So we have a few ideas for cleaning that you may not think of and that can really add some sparkle to your home.


Not everyone has a pressure washer, but you can rent one for relatively cheap and it is a great way to clean off areas that may get neglected. Here a few areas that can look much better after a good pressure washing:

  • Driveways
  • Patios and decks
  • The outside walls of your home

As with any tool, make sure to read the directions before use and know that not everything can be pressure washed including electrical light fixtures. Also, know that there is pressure washing and power washing. The difference is that power washing uses heat as well to really help deep clean. Power washing is good for cleaning driveways and cement walkways.


After a good deep cleaning with the pressure washer, nothing helps perk up the outside of your house like a new coat of paint. We know that painting the outside of your home can be a major chore, but most experts recommend repainting your home every 4-6 years depending on where you live. That may not always be feasible, but if it’s been more than 10 years you may want to consider it.

However, if repainting your home is just too big of a task right now, consider other areas that may be in need of a touch up. After pressure washing your deck, it would be a good time to sand it down and add a new coat of weather-resistant paint or stain. Also, consider your formerly white picket fence that is looking a little worse for wear. A cleaned up and freshly painted fence can really make your whole home look brighter.


Okay, this may not officially be cleaning, but it’s close and a well-maintained yard just feels and looks nice. And we’re not just talking about mowing the lawn or whacking the weeds, either. Consider adding a water fountain or some new plants that may help to create a nice sitting area. Remember to also find plants that are suited for the climate you live in so that they have the best chance to survive. Maybe add some solar lights along a path or just place some throughout the yard. Trim those crazy long branches and make sure your hedges look good, too. All of these will help make your yard look better and really add some style and “Wow” factor to your home (see top photo for proof).

Hopefully, these outside spring cleaning ideas will help give your home a nice touch-up. Of course, we’re not suggesting you ignore the inside of your home. And while we’re at it, don’t forget about your water heater because we didn’t! We are Water Heaters Only, Inc., so it makes sense that we would mention the water heater. Spring cleaning is a good time to make sure your water heater is clean as well. Check it for dust and rust and also take a moment to check for any small leaks that may have gone unnoticed. Now is also a good time to make sure that there isn’t a bunch of stuff piled up too close to the water heater. This can affect its performance and even be a fire hazard depending on what is stored by it. A three foot clearance is a good start. For more water heater tips, check out our blog here. If you have any other questions about your water heater, don’t hesitate to give us a call 24/7/365. Happy Spring Cleaning!