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Common Water Heater Problems

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At Water Heaters Only Inc, in our 55 years in business, we’ve had the opportunity to deal with almost every water heater problem. From the most common water heater problems, like pilot light issues, to the far fetched bird’s nest in the vent mystery. Anything blocking the vent can cause problems with heating and carbon monoxide back drafting.

Water heater vent clogged with a bird nest

We found this bird’s nest in the upper vent that was shared with a furnace vent after a customer complained of having to relight their pilot light frequently. Once onsite, we tested all the water heater components and could not find any faulty parts. At that point, we decided to check to see if the unit was venting properly and noticed that is was barely drafting. We decided to explore the venting system and we found this lovely bird’s nest blocking the vent. After removing the nest and replacing a piece of the venting, the water heater worked well and the customer no longer had trouble with the pilot light going out.

Sometimes a problematic water heater is not a problem with the water heater at all, but the conditions around it that are causing the issues.

If you’re having trouble with your water heater – use our menu to the right to with learn about the most common water heater problems our customers ask about. If you are experiencing a problem not listed, see our FAQ page. We have over 50 water heater FAQ’s with answers.

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